A collaborative network made for women where all members earn $.

Find solutions to your problems, connect with other professional women, exchange services and grow the income in your Purse together.

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Our Testimonials

Say Hello 👋 to EVA

EvaCoin is a digital cryptocurrency that you will be using on the platform to earn points and rewards. EVA, just like each one of you, is a symbol of the woman we all aspire to be. EVA brings leadership, strength and security to My Purse. EVA wants each of you to begin to help one another. She is here for you so you can safely exchange goods and services on our network. The best part about EVA is that after each barter is made on the platform, she makes her way into each member’s Purse, thus filling up all the member’s wallets with our digital currency. EVA is here to help you generate a different income stream for your life. She is here to help you succeed and to reach all of your dreams. 


Why use My Purse?

Are you a woman just starting out as an entrepreneur or a woman who seeks financial independence? Maybe you have your own business and you would like support from other women? We know what it is like to be there and that is why we created My Purse. In a safe and exclusive online community, My Purse brings you help and resources while allowing you to earn EvaCoin rewards and generate income from each collaboration that is completed on the platform.

Buy, Sell, and Trade

Whether you want to trade a vintage bag from your closet or offer consulting services to the community, you can exchange items and services with other women in a safe way through the platform.

Generate Income
& Earn EvaCoin

Once you join My Purse & buy EvaCoin you will instantly get access to collaborating & exchanging with other members of the platform. The more barters that take place on the platform, the more each Purse community member's Purse will grow.

Financial independence

My Purse is a place where women who seek their economic autonomy obtain profits in cryptocurrency assets called EVA for every barter performed on the platform through an automated system of points & rewards.

Get Help on Projects

By having possession of EVA tokens you will be able to get help on projects, ask questions and support one another in a way that has never been done before!

Connect with Likeminded Women

In your industry, in your area, or globally. Add friends, join groups, create groups, private message your connections and trade services.

Become a shareholder

When you sign up, you automatically become a shareholder without the need for contracts or procedures. All backed by blockchain technology, you receive profits automatically & recurrently to your Purse.

Help each other & earn

Begin earning together in
5 steps

My Purse is perfect for experienced or non-experienced digital users.  My Purse is safe and secure because you must apply to register and buy EvaCoin when you sign up to use the platform. You can connect with other trustworthy and likeminded professional women. My Purse is just one click away where you can help others, exchange goods and services, and help the community.

1. Apply to register for a MY PURSE account

2. Buy Eva tokens at registration so you can begin to trade services & receive payments

3. Upload products or services you would like to trade

4. Earn $EvaCoin$ by exchanging or bartering with other Purse members

5. The whole community receives EvaCoin from all the transactions made at the end of each day, which can be redeemed into your own personal wallet

Are you ready to start helping one another and generate income in your Purse?

👇Apply to Register for My Purse now!👇

Help Each Other & Network

My Purse is a platform that helps women achieve economic independence by helping them create a network and can also be an additional source of income for women who register and invest in EvaCoin. Making genuine connections and helping other women is how the Purse community will generate income into their Purse.