The Only Decentralized
Women-Empowered Marketplace.

Network. Help other women. Exchange goods and services. Grow your purse.

MY PURSE is an online platform where you can exchange items and services between women in a safe way utilizing the power of the blockchain.

What Is My Purse

In this era of transition in which women seek to open up more and more spaces in leadership and decision-making positions, MY PURSE has arrived to satisfy the need for a digital currency exclusively for women who seek to enter this sector. Within the marketplace, users use EVA or EvaCoin as an accepted means of exchange for products and services, while a whole system of points and rewards is created for each exchange in the marketplace. All backed by the transparency and other benefits of the blockchain.

Buy, Sell, and Trade

Whether you want to trade a vintage bag from your closet or offer consulting services to the community, you can exchange items and services with other women in a safe way through the platform.

Financial autonomy

My Purse is a place where women who seek their economic autonomy enter the world of digital assets, and at the same time are able to obtain profits in cryptocurrency assets for every barter performed on the platform.

Earn Commissions

Profits are distributed in an equitable manner to all members. The more barters that take place on the platform, the more each Purse community member reaps the benefits through an automated system of points and rewards.

Become a shareholder

When you sign up, you automatically become a shareholder without the need for contracts or procedures. All backed by blockchain technology, you receive profits automatically and recurrently.

Have voting power

By having possession of EVA tokens you will have voting power over certain decisions in the company, which truly embodies having full economic autonomy.


My Purse is one of the first women-empowered marketplaces in the world to use a cooperative economic model, based on a democratic structure that encourages the participation of all the members and the distribution of profits in an equitable manner.

Earn together

Begin earning together in 5 steps

My Purse is perfect for experienced or non-experienced crypto users.  Backed by the blockchain, you can connect with trustworthy and professional women. My Purse is just one click away where you can educate yourself, share services and help the community.

1. Register for a MY PURSE account

2. Buy Eva tokens so you can begin to trade & receive payments

3. Upload products or services you would like to sell

4. Earn $EvaCoin$ by selling or bartering with other Purse members

5. Reap the dividend benefits from being a shareholder & have voting rights within the community

Our Testimonials

Connect and Network

My Purse is a platform that helps women achieve economic independence by helping them create a network, and can also be an additional source of income for women who invest in EvaCoin. Making genuine connections and helping other women is how the Purse community has grown from 0 to 20,000 over the past couple of years!