About Us

MY PURSE is an online platform and community where you can exchange items and services between women in a safe way utilizing the power of the blockchain. It’s a place where women who seek their economic autonomy enter the world of digital assets, and at the same time, for every barter or trade performed on the platform they are able to obtain profits in cryptocurrency assets. MY PURSE arrives to satisfy the need for a digital currency exclusively for women who seek to enter this sector. By using EvaCoin (EVA) within the platform, users use EVA as an accepted means of exchange for products and services, while a whole system of points and rewards is created for each exchange. All backed by the transparency and other benefits of the blockchain.

MY PURSE whose objective, in the words of the founder, Barbara de la Rosa, will be to support the economic growth of members so that they achieve their financial autonomy. My Purse is one of the first women-empowered markeplaces in the world to use a cooperative economic model, based on a democratic structure that encourages the participation of all the members and the distribution of profits in an equitable manner.

Our Founder's Story

Barbara de la Rosa didn’t always have 500K+ followers on social media and a thriving online marketplace on social media. Starting out she was bankrupted and recently divorced. Barbara found herself taking the role of the only support system for her daughter. One December morning, after her daughter asked her for breakfast, she took a look inside her refrigerator and realized there were only two eggs left. She took a deep breath and cooked one for her and the other one for her daughter. When she was about to eat, her daughter looked at her and said ¨MOM, I’M STILL HUNGRY¨. Barbara didn’t think twice and served her daughter the extra egg knowing there was no more food and zero funds in her bank account.

barbara de la rosa 3

Barbara immediately locked herself in the bathroom and cried out of frustration… but a voice inside told her: “you have the strength to make a change in your life if you want”. Right after that she created her own Facebook fan page as a personal coach, but to change her life wasn’t just about making a decision, it was about creating the whole concept. By that time she didn’t have any money, but she was still sure about her talents and experiences So, at first she traded these talents for a web page, office, lessons and through bartering she was able to establish www.entrenandoalcorazon.com from scratch.

Now 7 years later, more than 10,000 students in 24 countries have taken her coaching courses and she now has 500,000 followers on Facebook and 172,000 on Instagram.
After achieving this success, she realized that it had been easy for her to barter within the strong network she had built, but not all women in such vulnerable conditions have had the same opportunity. That was the moment when PURSE, the platform that strengthens the bag and the heart of women, was born.

Purse connects professional women with each other, where you can exchange goods and services and improve the community’s economy.
As a pioneer in new technologies, Barbara challenged herself to make women use cryptocurrency as a way to fight for their autonomy.

The biggest result you can see from using the My Purse platform is a means for you to generate income through the use of crypto and bartering, increase your investments/earnings on the platform and create valuable and genuine relationships.

Earn together

Begin earning together in 5 steps

My Purse is perfect for experienced or non-experienced crypto users.  Backed by the blockchain, you can connect with trustworthy and professional women. My Purse is just one click away where you educate yourself, share services and help the community.

1. Register for a MY PURSE account

2. Buy Eva tokens so you can begin to trade & receive payments

3. Upload products or services you would like to sell

4. Earn $EvaCoin$ by selling or bartering with other Purse members

5. Reap the dividend benefits from being a shareholder & have voting rights within the community